Best Ways to Make Your Ice Cream Social Successful

Schools almost back in session.  The sun is hot, kids are excited and ice cream is in the air, or sidewalk.  Ice Cream Socials are a staple of many back to school events.  If you are in charge of yours this year let me guide you through the fun, yummy and sticky world of ice cream toppings.

The first thing to keep in mind is scale.  Are there going to be 20 people or 200 going through the line at the same time?  If there will be large numbers coming through at the same time consider 2 lines to maximize serving time.  Ice cream takes forever to scoop up and surprisingly it takes a long time to cover with toppings.  Have two dedicated ice cream scoopers to scoop ice cream into cups or cones to keep the line moving.  Next have 1 helper per 2-3 toppings.  Some toppings will not be that popular and can be handled together but others are so popular almost every person will want some.  Spread the popular toppings out so they are not organized together on the table.

Most Popular Toppings are:    

  • Chocolate syrup/sauce
  • sprinkles
  • gummy bears
  • fruit
  • M and M’s

These toppings should be placed next to less popular toppings whenever possible.  Place the napkins at the front of the line with the plates and spoons as they will get utilized more and less spills will be left for clean up both on the serving table and at the dining tables.

Remember to clearly note the presence of nuts if you choose to include them.  Place a card on the table and alert your helpers to never switch serving spoons between toppings to avoid cross contamination.

Using plastic spoons can be challenging when serving frozen icr cream so start scooping 10-15 minutes before the event.  It will allow the ice cream to soften enough to eat and help you get ahead with serving.

It is very hard to get volunteers before school has even started so ask friends and family to help you until you can recruit help.  If you don’t have as much help as you would like and some have to wait, thats ok it’s a great opportunity to get to know other parents and children and to recruit new volunteers.

Lastly do not forget to relax and eat some yourself.  The old addage “Don’t cry over spilled milk” applies to melted ice cream as well.

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