1st Grade Books Perfect for Halloween Parties

If your school is like my kids sign ups for parent reading sessions are already in full swing.  Despite school only having just started teachers are already planning their schedules for parent reading schedules.  I have listed six of my most favorite, tried and true Halloween books for use.  I have used all of these books in my oldest classroom when he was younger and have even incorporated them into the Fall Party.  Think Musical Chairs with a book.

1. The Battle of the Red Hot Pepper Weenies– This is a compilation of short stories.  Some are scarier than others so read the stories first before selecting them for the classroom.

2. Hallo-wiener– Very popular because the title is super funny to little ones and the dog is cute….awwwwww

3. Big Pumpkin– It’s all about working together.  The voices that can be added to the many characters add some fun and the repetitive nature of the story allows for “kid actors” to play many of the rolls.

4. Dry Bones– This book is a little juvenile for the age group but when combined with a skeleton making craft and a bone lesson it offers fun and education.

5. Skeleton Hiccups– Another great craft and book combo.  Also it’s a great discussion starter about what cures the students hiccups.  Everyone has a different goofy cure.

6. Where the Sidewalk Ends- These poems are easy to read in a short setting and the fantastical nature of the poem stories make it a clear hit for both parents and kids alike.  This is not a Fall or Halloween book per se but the stories are odd enough they do not seem out of place.

I hope you and your children enjoy these books as much as my family has.  Happy reading!

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